Breaking Down Writer’s Block

Breaking Down Writer’s Block

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While some people cry foul at the mere mention of writer’s block, claiming it’s all in the writer’s mind, the fact that there are days when your creative writing juices just don’t flow does exist.

And it sucks. Not only do writing projects halt to a standstill, but the pressure of needing to put out work but being unable to can also sometimes be too much to handle.

Writer’s block can be attributed to a lot of factors, both physically and mentally. It can be because of multiple distractions within your vicinity, or it can simply be because you’re suffering from high fever, thus rendering you unable to make full use of all your faculties.

There are different types of writer’s block, as well. It may be because you have way too many ideas to fit into an 800-word article or have no clue at all on how to even start your first paragraph. You may find yourself suddenly getting bored of writing about the same topic over and over or, worse, run out of ideas in the middle of a writing gig.

Whether you’re a best-selling book author, a news writer, or a blogger whose daily life involves writing online, then you’ll definitely find yourself experiencing different types of writer’s blocks several times throughout your career.

Want to know more? Check out this infographic and learn about how to get over your writer’s block.

Breaking Down Writer’s Block

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