80 Wordy Expressions & What You Could Use Instead

80 Wordy Expressions & What You Could Use Instead

Do you write long sentences filled with superfluous expressions?  In this infographic, we share 80 wordy expressions and what you could use instead.

Jennifer Frost writes:

‘Have you ever read a legal document? Like me, you may have struggled to understand the language. Legalese looks like English but uses many unnecessary words and formal expressions that muddy the meanings of sentences.

Depending on when and where you learned English, you might’ve been taught to use some of these words and expressions yourself.

In real life today, plain language is the way to go. Things are hectic. Nobody has time to dissect sentences—and even if you did have time, would you want to?

GrammarCheck’s latest infographic, ’80 Wordy Expressions and What to Use Instead’, shows you how to overhaul fussy-sounding writing.

80 Wordy Expressions & What You Could Use Instead

Here it is:

80 Wordy Expressions & What You Could Use Instead (Infographic)

It’s one thing to rehab your own writing. But have you seen stuffy language anywhere other than legal documents lately? Let us know where and if such language affected your opinion of the person or group!’

Source for infographic: Grammar Check

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Posted on: 12th February 2021

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