16 Boring Verbs & What to Use Instead

16 Boring Verbs & What To Use Instead

In this infographic, we share 16 boring verbs and what to use instead.

Jennifer Frost writes: ‘I need to clean my house. Some things, I’ll throw away. I’ll sell and give away the others.

You may think that sentence is telling you something, but what is it telling you really? I’ve used vague, boring verbs and tricked you into thinking you’ve gotten some information from me.

When I say “clean” my house, I could mean several different things.

“Throw”, “sell”, and “give” aren’t too descriptive either.

I need to tidy my house. Some things, I’ll chuck in the trash. I’ll auction and donate the others.

See the difference?

“Chuck in the trash” implies I’m not feeling too sentimental about those items and can get the job done quickly.

“Donate” is much clearer than “give away”. I’m offering my belongings not to friends but probably to a charity. And when I say “auction”, you can imagine I might be using eBay or a similar site.

These more specific verbs help you feel what I’m feeling and experience what I’m doing. Would you like to improve your writing this way?’

For help turning your boring verbs into scintillating ones, check out GrammarCheck’s latest infographic, “16 Boring Verbs & What to Use Instead.”

16 Boring Verbs & What to Use Instead

16 Boring Verbs & What to Use Instead

Source for ’16 Boring Verbs & What To Use Instead’ infographic: Grammar Check

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Posted on: 2nd December 2019