23 Common Phrases You Could be Using Wrong

23 Common Phrases You Could be Using Wrong

Sometimes, we think we know what we’re saying, but we may not be using the correct phrase. In this infographic, we share 23 common phrases you could be using wrong.

Jennifer Frost writes: ‘I hope GrammarCheck’s latest infographic will whet your appetite for good grammar.

Yes, I spelled “whet” correctly. Does that surprise you?

Even native and fluent speakers of English often use common phrases the wrong way, or spell them wrong. You can learn more about these tricky terms in the infographic itself:

23 Common Phrases You Could be Using Wrong (Infographic)


When you master these phrases, you’ll elevate your writing and speech to a new level.

Which one surprised you the most? Or are you a pro with all twenty-three? Tell us and your peers what you think!’

Source for ‘23 Common Phrases You Could be Using Wrong’ infographic: Grammar Check

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Posted on: 27th April 2020

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  1. Actually, to ‘whet’ means to sharpen, as in a whet stone for sharpening knives, swords, razors, etc.

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