7 Tips For Finding Your Memoir Mojo

7 Tips For Finding Your Memoir Mojo

Are you wondering if you’ll ever finish writing your memoir? If you want some help, read this post on seven tips for finding your memoir mojo.

You’ve started writing your memoir but it doesn’t feel right. Perhaps it feels forced or maybe you haven’t worked out your theme yet.

It’s difficult to write about yourself at the best of times, but doing it well sometimes seems impossible.

In this post, I suggest seven ways for you to find your memoir writing mojo.

7 Tips For Finding Your Memoir Mojo

  1. Watch 10 great memoir-based movies. Let them inspire you. They also help you with creating a mood for your memoir. Take note of how they make you feel. They also force you to consider what to leave out of your memoir. (Also read: 5 Reasons Why Writing A Memoir Is Like Writing A Short Film)
  2. Find your memoirist’s voice. Start a daily writing routine. A great memoir voice adds energy and authenticity to the writing. It shows the story without distracting from the events in the memoir. Your viewpoint should engage the reader and keep them turning the page. To do this, you have to write a lot – many thousands of words before you are comfortable in yourself. A good way to get started is by subscribing to our daily writing prompts here.
  3. Read five bad memoirs, then do the opposite of what they do. Make a list of why you didn’t like the books.
  4. Read five great memoirs and copy their techniques. Make a list of why you loved these.
  5. Take a course. Really. If you’re stuck it might be time to learn something about what you’re trying to achieve. Invest in yourself and your writing. A course could open your eyes to new techniques and show you how to start and finish your memoir. Our course, Secrets of a Memoirist is perfect for this.
  6. Work hard on the theme. If somebody asks you what your memoir’s about, do you struggle to articulate it? If you include a list of disjointed events with no theme, you need to narrow your focus.
  7. Get therapy out of the way. While writing a memoir can be therapeutic, your audience is not your therapist. They do not want to read a self-indulgent journal. They want to read a well-written story. You need to have worked through anything that is self-indulgent by the time you write for publication.

Top Tip: If you want to learn how to write a memoir, join our Secrets of a Memoirist course.

 by Amanda Patterson
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Posted on: 23rd July 2020

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