Name Each Scene - A Simple Way To Motivate Your Memoir

Name Each Scene – A Simple Way To Motivate Your Memoir

Writers Write is a memoir writing resource. In this post, we offer you a simple way to motivate your memoir writing by naming each scene.

A Simple Way To Motivate Your Memoir

Sometimes, starting a writing project is the worst thing about it. Even if you’re determined to write your memoir this year, you many not feel motivated to do it.

Perhaps it seems overwhelming. Perhaps you don’t know where to start.

Like anything in life, you have to look at it realistically and take it one step at a time.

Name Each Scene

One of the most interesting and creative ways to plan your memoir is by naming each scene.

Remember that we have written about scenes before: Yes, You Do Need Scenes And Sequels In Memoirs Read it if you need to refresh your understanding of scenes.

Generally speaking, you will have about 50 scenes in a memoir. There will be 50 things that happen that you want to write about.

Create a timeline, if you haven’t done one yet, and look at the things that happened. Choose 50.

Now name each scene.

  1. Choose a title for each scene that reflects the theme of your memoir. It will help if you can explain your theme in one sentence.
  2. You could also choose a motif for the memoir and let the scene names reflect that motif.
  3. If you have a title for your memoir, the scene names could relate to it in some way.

This will also help you start piecing together what you want to write about. It is not overwhelming, because you don’t actually have to write anything yet.

Exercise: Look at some of your favourite memoirs. Have a look at the way these writers have named their chapters or scenes.

Last Word

You may not use each scene name in your final memoir. You may group three scenes into a chapter and only name the chapter. You may not use names at all. Whatever you do, this exercise will be part of your journey to completing the book.

Top Tip: If you want to learn how to write a memoir, look into our Secrets of a Memoirist course.

 by Amanda Patterson
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Posted on: 21st January 2020