The Daily Writing Routines Of 20 Famous Authors

Writers Write shares writing resources and writing tips. In this infographic, our guest blogger shares the daily writing routines of 20 famous authors.

Guest Post

What’s stopping you from finishing your novel, blog post, or article? Are you waiting for that fifth cup of coffee to kick in and reinvigorate your sluggish brain? For a magical lightning strike of inspiration? For someone else—a mentor, teacher, or friend—to tell you what to do? For total silence and freedom from distractions?

Stop waiting. Start writing.

Follow the lead of the 20 famous authors pictured in this infographic. All of them maintained regular writing schedules to maximise their productivity – even when they weren’t in a writing mood.

Here are a few examples:

  1. French novelist Jean Genet adhered to a somewhat unusual schedule. He spent six months writing for twelve hours per day—and then took a six-month break. Despite working hard during his writing months, he made sure to refresh and decompress afterwards.
  2. Other writers kept more consistent daily routines, often balanced with the demands of a day job. Franz Kafka, for instance, woke early and went to work, then napped for an hour upon returning home. He dedicated himself to writing late in the evenings.
  3. Toni Morrison, on the other hand, preferred writing at dawn, using the early morning hours to enjoy a cup of coffee and make writing progress, before spending time with her children later in the day.

The 20 authors below followed different writing routines while juggling additional responsibilities. They all have one thing in common: They carved out time to write on a regular basis.

Which writing routine appeals most to you?

By Sierra Delarosa, Global English Editing

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Posted on: 23rd February 2018