16 Young Words For Old People

16 Young Words For Old People

Writers Write shares writing resources and writing tips. In this infographic, our guest blogger shares 16 young words for old people.

Guest Post

You’ve surely noticed how texting and online writing have influenced grammar, spelling, and even the vocabulary of the millennial generation.

But what about you? Have you used any “new slang” in conversation or in writing recently? Were people surprised that you did?

If you take a look at this infographic, you might benefit from it. In the meantime, I gotta bounce. 🙂

16 Young Words For Old People

16 Young Words For Old People

Source: Grammar Check

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Posted on: 19th June 2018

1 thought on “16 Young Words For Old People”

  1. Fun infographic. But its title was completely misleading. It implied the infographic was going to provide words young people used to describe old people. Which it didn’t. It wasn’t very well thought out. Titles of infographics, articles or blogs are very important, and while you don’t have to literally describe exactly what the article is about, it also can’t be completely incorrect.

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