A Timeline Of Language

A Timeline Of Language

Writers Write shares writing resources and writing tips. In this infographic, our guest blogger shares an interesting timeline of language.

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Writers know the important role that language plays in our everyday lives, but have you ever wondered – where did it all begin? With so many different languages around the world, plus ancient languages which are now long gone, and new languages still emerging, the development of language is a fascinating topic.

That’s why we have created this newly released language timeline at Ampersand Travel. The specialist travel company have done some digging to create this incredible timeline highlighting when languages around the world first originated.

A Timeline Of Language

The timeline dates way back to 2690BC when the Ancient Egyptian language first emerged. From here other ancient languages including Sumerian, Palaic and Old Chinese followed – all before 1000BC.

In the first millennium BC more ancient languages continued to emerge including Paleo-Hebrew, Latin and Sanskrit.

In the First Millenium AD is when we started to see the introduction of some of the languages still used today including Korean, Japanese and Old English – which has developed into the modern English we use today.

Of course all of these ancient languages feed in to the development of new languages, for example many words used in languages around the world stem from Latin words.

Between 1000-1500AD more of the languages we are familiar with today developed, including Spanish, Punjabi and Early Modern English.

Modern languages include languages from fictional worlds, including Game of Thrones’ Dothraki and Star Trek’s Klingon. Modern languages also include constructed languages developed by The Logical Language Group, such as Lojban which was developed in 1987.

Find out more in the timeline below.

A Timeline Of Language

by Catriona McGale. Catriona has travelled through much of Asia, both on research trips and on her own holidays. She has journeyed to destinations for the first time, such as Bhutan and Japan, returned to her much-loved favourites of India and Sri Lanka.

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Posted on: 20th April 2018