The Worst Case Scenario Expert

The Worst Case Scenario Expert

What will I do if there is a Tsunami? What will I do if sharks crawl up out of the sea and eat me? (Don’t tell me it can’t happen. Darwin wrote a whole book about walking fish.) What will I do if a meteor hits and I am struck by green kryptonite?

I try to discuss these scenarios with my husband so that we can plan some kind of exit strategy, but at times like this he prefers the company of the children or the ice-cream vendor or the car guard. So, it’s pretty much up to me to save our family, the world, and well the entire universe.

But what does this have to do with writing you ask? Well, your character should be experiencing pretty much the worst thing that can happen to him. Find out what his biggest fear is and make it come true.

Clearly, I fear losing my family to walking sharks in the middle of a meteor shower that triggers a tsunami while my husband is talking to the car guard. But, what does your character fear? Find out and use it. Bad news is good news in fiction. Ah, life is so much better for writers don’t you think?

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  1. Devika Fernando

    Oh my god, I’m still snickering! 😀 This was fun to read – and of course, as usual with the brilliant posts on this website, there was a gold nugget of truth and inspiration hidden away in it. Because ultimately, that is what the story in a good book is, the worst thing that could happen to the protagonist DOES happen…

  2. Writers Write

    Thank you, Devika.

  3. Emily

    Great post, and a good thing to keep in mind for any writer. Thanks – and best of luck with those sharks…

  4. Joe Laws

    Hilarious! Now I’m scared to go to the beach. I’ll be looking for those sharks. 🙂

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