The Top 10 Writing Posts July 2020

The Top 10 Writing Posts From July 2020

In this post, we share the top 10 writing posts from July 2020.

Every month, we look at the posts that people read the most. These were the new Writers Write posts you enjoyed in July 2020:

  1. How To Write Like Hemingway With These 10 Easy Tips
  2. Dean Koontz On Overcoming Self-Doubt
  3. 5 Great Ways To Ruin The Ending Of Your Novel
  4. The Greatest Fictional World Builders: Frank Herbert
  5. 31 Writing Prompts For July 2020
  6. Why You Should Do Short Story Writing Exercises
  7. What Is An Epistolary Novel? & Tips For Writing One
  8. Write The Crap Out Of It And Other Short Story Writing Advice
  9. The Romantic Heroine
  10. 12 More Reasons To Write Short Stories

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Posted on: 7th August 2020