Lisa Unger

Literary Birthday – 26 April – Lisa Unger

Happy Birthday, Lisa Unger, born 26 April 1970.

Lisa Unger Quotes

  1. My novels centre around ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances.
  2. I write about crime because in exploring the dark side of human nature, I believe that I can delve deep into the human psyche, finding a greater understanding of what moves and motivates us.
  3. A fierce curiosity about people – what makes us lie, steal, kill, what makes us heroes, what makes us betray each other, what makes us risk it all to protect and save another person – is what drives my novels.
  4. I definitely feel that plot flows from character. I don’t believe that you can construct a plot and insert people into it.
  5. Writers are first and foremost observers. We lose ourselves in the watching and then the telling of the world we find. Often we feel on the fringes, in the margins of life. And that’s where we belong. What you are a part of, you cannot observe.
  6. If I weren’t a writer, I’d be a psychiatrist.
  7. I’ve always had this in a kind of worst-case dark imagination. I want to know what the dark form in the window is. I want to know what the noise under the staircase is.

Lisa Unger is an American author of contemporary fiction. Her novels include In The BloodBeautiful Lies, and Die for You.

Source for Image: Lisa Unger’s Media Room

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 26th April 2014