How To Write Blog Titles That Make You Happy

How To Write Blog Titles That Make You Happy

I have been stuck in the blogging doldrums these last few weeks, not because I don’t have blog post ideas, it’s because my headlines suck and I can’t seem to fix them.

Headlines are make or break for a post. As a rule, you should spend the same amount of time crafting your headline as you do writing  your post. Doesn’t happen, right? Usually I am so excited about my post that I just slap any old thing on the top and hit post. Not great.

Although I might think my headline is good enough, I won’t know until I have put the post up and then it’s usually too late. I have always wished for a way to check my headlines.

My fairy godmother heard my sobs and answered by gifting me with this headline analyser.

It checks for common and uncommon words, emotional words and powerful words and gives you a score. Heaven. But before you start trying out headlines you have work to do.

Try this method:

  1. Find an idea that excites you and that is valuable to your audience.
  2. Research if necessary.
  3. Write the post.
  4. Read, edit and rewrite if necessary.
  5. Take a blank page, fold it in half and write a heading with as many variations of that heading as you can. Fill the page.
  6. Turn over and fill the back.
  7. Only once you have filled both columns on both sides do you choose your favourite.
  8. Analyse the headline at CoSchedule
  9. Pick the strongest headline.
  10. Post.

Happy analysing and get blogging.

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 by Mia Botha

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