Free Course Hooked On Writing 2

Day Two

Welcome to Day 2 of Hooked on Writing, your free online writing course. This online workbook will help you create a writing habit in 31 days.

Nurture Creativity


Use your family and friends to come up with new story lines. If you don’t have anybody to help with this exercise, please complete it on your own.


Plot a story with somebody else. Doing this brings out the worst in everyone. This is good for plotting a novel.


  1. Use this as a family activity, join a group of fellow writers, play this game with friends or colleagues, OR complete it on your own.

  2. You will need three or four people. (Or complete it on your own.)

    1. One of you chooses a character from your character box.
    2. One of you chooses a setting from your setting box.
    3. One of you chooses an opposition character from the character box.
    4. One of you makes up a problem for your character to solve.
    5. Your opposition character will stop your character doing this.
  3. Brainstorm how the character will overcome this problem. Ask each person (or yourself) ‘What would you do?’

  4. Plot a brief storyline – 10 points.



You should have chosen an antagonist (opposition character) for your protagonist (hero) to battle. Writers need to learn that all stories have an antagonist and that you should not be nice in storytelling. No one wants to read about happy families. Your exercise may also be more interesting if you complete it with others.

At Night

Use your writing journal here. Write ‘At Night’ at the top of a clean page. Free write or expand on the exercise you’ve completed. (If you want to buy the downloadable workbook, which includes space for these exercises, you can get it in our store for only $20.)



‘We start to make up our minds about other people within seven seconds of first meeting them’ – F Scott Fitzgerald

Day Three
Posted on: 28th November 2019