Free Course Hooked On Writing 3

Day Three

Welcome to Day 3 of Hooked on Writing, your free online writing course. This online workbook will help you create a writing habit in 31 days.

Poetry – Anyone can do it. Explore and expand creative options

Rhyming couplets


Just have some fun with a simple poetry structure.


1.Start with the following couplet and carry on:

“My sister and I were never friends
But that is not how the story ends.”

2. Write 5 – 10 couplets.

3. Have fun.


My sister and I were never friends
But that is not how the story ends.

She was dark and I was fair
We always made an unlikely pair.

They can’t be sisters, people would say
How I wished I could run away.

I was the rebel without a cause
She was the head girl, accepting applause.

I married an angel with a devil’s heart
She married an angel with the correct body parts.



You should always be open to creative ideas and lateral thinking. Just do it! You can also use this to spark an idea for a character.

Try another:

I used to trip on LSD
Now I take sweetener in my tea

At Night

Use your writing journal here. Write ‘At Night’ at the top of a clean page. Free write or expand on the exercise you’ve completed. (If you want to buy the downloadable workbook, which includes space for these exercises, you can get it in our store for only $20.)




‘There is only one type of story in the world – your story.’ – Ray Bradbury

Day Four
Posted on: 28th November 2019