The Books That Made An Impact On The World

Books That Made An Impact On The World

Writers have a lot to learn from our favourite books. Authors from different genres and time periods teach us new themes, literary devices, and other techniques that inspire our writing.

Catch-22 is an example of a book that introduced a new approach to satire when describing Yossarian’s story and his catch 22s that plagued him several times throughout the book.

Books are also a great example of how writers and storytellers impact the world simply with the written word. Roots is one novel that illustrated the effects of slavery from a personal perspective. This, and other books like Things Fall Apart, allowed us a first-hand look into the horrors of slavery and the things people went through at that time.

These works span across different genres, eras, and many different topics. Look through this list to learn about the impact these books had and draw inspiration for your own writing projects!

Largest created this infographic of the books that have made the biggest impact over time. Put them on your must-read list and dive into an intimate conversation with the most revolutionary minds throughout history.

books with the largest impact infographic

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Posted on: 7th March 2019