3 Creative Ways To Build Your Brand Through Blogging

3 Creative Ways To Build Your Brand Through Blogging

We create blogging resources and share blog writing tips. In this post, our guest blogger gives you three creative ways to build your brand through blogging.


Building your professional brand through writing blogs is a highly shareable method to get your message to your audience.

Whether you are an author selling books or a niche expert with a profitable online business, blogging can engage your community and keep them on the edge of their seats for your next piece of work. Keep your intentions clear if you are a new blogger.

The most successful bloggers always learn how to incorporate a call to action and brand building in each written piece of work.

Consider the following strategies to create an unmistakable brand in your upcoming blog posts.

3 Creative Ways To Build Your Brand Through Blogging

1. Tell a Story

Audiences love a brand they can relate to, and what is more human than sharing your own stories? Use your human relatability to craft stories that will engage your audience and have them rooting for you, all in the context of your brand.

Decide on your writing style of choice and challenge yourself to share pieces of your journey your followers can relate to. If you are a business coach, tell the story of the major challenges you had to overcome while starting your business. If you are a fiction author, tell some personal stories that inspired characters or storylines in your book.

If you have an audience, they will always love to hear your stories as they connect to the person behind the blog and understand why your message is so important.

2. Establish Yourself As An Expert

Brand building is primarily done by establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Your audience will keep coming back to your content if you provide them valuable information about the subjects that matter to them.

  1. If you are a health expert writer, create blogs that inspire your community to create healthy meals for themselves and show them exactly how it’s done.
  2. If you are a niche expert in subjects like mental health or addiction, write blogs outlining possible steps to recovery your readers can take.
  3. Published writers can help aspiring authors with technique and exercises through skill-building blogs.

Writing blogs that provide actionable steps or inspiration your audience can implement into their own lives will prove you are an expert that can bring real value into their world.

3. Answer Community Questions

The last creative strategy to publish blogs that support your brand is to simply answer questions from your readers. Engaging with you through questions is a valuable interaction your audience can take, so take advantage and help solve their problems through your blogs.

  1. Perhaps your readers ask you about the book writing process and you provide them with step-by-step tools to publish their own work.
  2. Maybe your readers ask about what inspires you, and you give them a blog to push them creatively.
  3. “Q&A” sessions or blogs with your readers is an exciting way to engage with their burning questions while also developing your voice as a brand and authority in your field.

Blogging is a multi-dimensional tool all writers can take advantage of to get their message directly to their audience. If you are struggling to build your personal brand, begin telling your story and answering community questions through your blog.

The more actionable content you provide, the more your readers will come back for your products, written work, or events. Establishing yourself as an expert will also create word-of-mouth buzz around your books and resources on your website.

As you develop future blogs, practice these ideas to connect with your readers on a deeper level and create content they cannot help but share and rely on.

 by Patrick Bailey

Patrick Bailey is a professional writer mainly in the fields of mental health, addiction, and living in recovery. He attempts to stay on top of the latest news in the addiction and the mental health world and enjoy writing about these topics to break the stigma associated with them. Follow him on Twitter

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Posted on: 13th May 2019

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