Where Is Your Creativity Hiding?

Where Is Your Creativity Hiding?

Writers Write creates writing resources and shares writing tips. In this post, we ask where is your creativity hiding from you?

Where Is Your Prince Valiant (& Creativity) Hiding?

We all create our own worlds of stories when we’re children. We have our own little movie theatres or games we play with our sisters and brothers, our friends.  But somewhere along the way, life creeps in.

  • As a young man, my dad taught himself to paint with just a book and a box of oils – copying famous masters, until he became a talented portrait painter. His small portrait of my grandfather laughing is my favourite.  But having four kids to raise, my parents didn’t always have time for their creativity – my dad went into sales, and my mom worked part time.

Yet, I still see her creativity at work – in the way she decorates her home, in the beautiful gift parcels she creates.

Sometimes I hear people say, ‘I lost my creativity’, or ‘I’m just not a creative person’. I don’t think this is true. We don’t lose our creativity – it sometimes gets lost under the burden of life, work, taxes, broken hearts, and unpaid bills. We just have to dust off and recover some of our memories – find the thing that used to inspire us.

Find your Prince Valiant. It just takes an open mind.

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by Anthony Ehlers

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  1. Elaine Dodge

    I love the idea of your mom’s shoebox theatre! Very cool.

  2. Anthony Ehlers

    Thanks, Elaine. I thought it was cool too.

  3. Jeannette

    Great story Anthony, so simple and so creative…

  4. Anthony Ehlers

    Thanks, Jeanette. Simple always works best. There will be more on simplicity in my next blog – so keep a look out. 🙂

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