The Top 10 Writing Posts From February 2019

The Top 10 Writing Posts From February 2019

Every month, we look at the posts that people read the most. These were the new Writers Write posts you enjoyed most in February 2019:

  1. Harry Potter And The Not Very Good Writing
  2. 3 Things Authors Of The Golden Age Of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Did Better
  3. Why You Don’t Need To Put Everything In Your Book
  4. 10 SEO Copywriting Tips For Beginners
  5. How To Write The Tragic Love Story – A 10-Step Formula
  6. What’s The Difference Between An Autobiography And A Memoir?
  7. How Meditation Can Improve Your Writing
  8. Joy Williams’ 8 Essential Attributes Of The Short Story
  9. Richard Ford’s 10 Rules For Writing Fiction
  10. 28 Writing Prompts For February 2019

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Posted on: 4th March 2019