The Top 10 Writing Posts From April 2021

The Top 10 Writing Posts From April 2021

In this post, we share the top 10 writing posts from April 2021.

Every month, we look at the posts that people read the most.

These were the new Writers Write posts you enjoyed in April 2021:

  1. 30 Writing Prompts For April 2021
  2. Don’t Commit These 9 Fiction-Writing Crimes
  3. 6 Tips & Tricks For Writing Scene Transitions
  4. 8 Unethical Copywriting Techniques To Avoid
  5. 6 Quick Fixes For Adding Setting To Your Story
  6. 40 Ways To Write About Empathy
  7. Where Does Conflict Come From In Fiction?
  8. The 4 Pillars Of Science Fiction
  9. Writers Talk 7 | Dialogue
  10. How To Write About Bullies

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