The Benefits Of reading

The Benefits of Reading – An Infographic

This infographic looks at the benefits of reading.

‘A man’s bookcase will tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about him.’ ~Walter Mosley

At Writers Write, we know reading makes us feel better and we love collecting quotes by famous writers on reading. We also know it makes us better writers – in business and in novel-writing. We recently posted an article on how reading is vital for human development. It has also been said that reading different genres could improve different aspects of your writing.

The Benefits of Reading – An Infographic

This infographic, from Raphael Lysander’s blog, The Metamorphosis Journal, explains why reading is so good for us.

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  1. Elaine Dodge

    Great thoughts. But the actual piece would have better had an editor run an eye over it.

  2. Elaine Dodge

    Would have been better, I meant to say, would have been better.

  3. Frances Evesham

    Thanks for this post, full of useful info. I’ve re-blogged it on my sire.

  4. Writers Write

    We are glad you enjoyed it, Frances.

  5. Nadia Ismail

    Hi I love your info graphic, could I have your permission to re-use it for a reading workshop?

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