When 27 Famous Authors Were Published

This post is about when 27 famous authors were published, proving that you don’t have to be young to be published.

Even though our society is obsessed with youth, it is encouraging and inspiring that writing remains a skill that most people get better at over time.

The truth is that writing a novel takes a long time. It’s not just writing 80 000 words. It’s the years spent perfecting the craft and actually learning how to write something that other people will want to read.

It’s not surprising that most successful authors are only published later in life. Here are 27 writers and their ages when they found fame.

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Posted on: 14th March 2015

7 thoughts on “When 27 Famous Authors Were Published”

  1. I am 60 and starting to write. Taking my time on my first drafts. Guessing, the book may take me a couple years. It is a non-fiction with the appearance at times to be most fictional, but it is a True Story with True Events.

  2. I’ve been writing since the age of 6 im 52 now and just published my first book it’s called A Spiritual Awakening I’ve written nine now I think I have them in every category fiction syfy action children’s my first one is short stories it took me two months to write my first novel which is being put in script form now for a movie so no it’s never too late for anything

  3. motsamai ben mhlope

    Awesome! Inspiring and full opportunity due to life conditions I marely think I can’t make it cause of the financial status I’m at, well keep the goodies popping up 100%oustanding and make things simpler to those who can, I wish you all luck…

  4. i am currently studying language practice…i love writting,,i used to write poems while at high school….i am now writing a book for Computer Applications Technology….should i carry on or wait untill i graduate??

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