New Year, Same Old Me – My 10 Writing Resolutions

I hate New Year’s writing resolutions. I suppose everyone does, but as the year draws to a close, I can’t help but think this year will be different. That I will do this differently, or do that better.

Sometimes, I even write those thoughts down. I like to write down writing goals. I like putting it out there. So here goes.

My 10 Writing Resolutions

  1. Write daily. I would like to complete one prompt or writing exercise a day.
  2. Keep a journal. I have never done this. I have however invested in a pretty notebook which I hope will inspire me.
  3. Work on my novel daily. At the moment I write sporadically which makes it hard to get going after I’ve had a break. I would like be done with the novel by June of next year.
  4. Be more organised. Any suggestions are welcome.
  5. Be more disciplined. Hahaha! No, seriously, I have to get myself in to gear.
  6. Translate and complete a children’s story I have been working on.
  7. Write one short story per month.
  8. Start a blog with personal as well as writing content.
  9. Work at expanding my vocabulary.
  10. Stop making comma splice errors.

If I can do this every day I know I will be better writer this time next year. I hope to spend more time as the year progresses making these more specific. What are your writing resolutions?

by Mia Botha

Posted on: 31st December 2013