My Top 3 Favourite Blogs On Plot

My Top 3 Favourite Blogs On Plot

Writers Write creates writing resources for writers. In this post, our author shares his top 3 favourite blogs on plot to help you write your book.

For many writers, plot is often the most challenging element of writing. I know it is for me. And it doesn’t get easier.

When I facilitate Writers Write, I always tell new writers that books are your best teachers – read and dissect the way other authors have put together their fiction.

My Top 3 Favourite Blogs On Plot

Here are three of my favourite blogs on plotting.

1.  Make it fun: The Plot Maker

In this blog, I created a fun way to come up with a new plot called The Plot Maker. It is designed for romantic comedy, but you can use and adapt it for any genre. Because ideas can be so nebulous and slippery, having a framework or process for plotting can really help.

2.  On tenterhooks: Adding Suspense To Stories

The next post is about adding suspense to stories by unfolding your story at the right pace, so that at the end of every paragraph and page, your reader is asking the right questions – and keeps turning the pages. It’s about not flooding the reader information, but drip feeding just the right amount of teasers and twists.

3.  Richer with subplots: 5 Ways A Sub-Plot Improves Your Story

We all know that a subplot improves a story and in this post I try to explain why. The idea here is not to think of the subplot as the ‘poor cousin’ of your main plot, but a vital part of the story that has earned its place in your novel. A subplot opens up another facet of your character.

Why these are my personal favourites …

Plotting techniques can get complex and frustrating for new writers. With these posts, we keep to techniques that can help you write and finish that rough outline – rather than you feeling you’re swotting for an exam.

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 by Anthony Ehlers

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Posted on: 19th April 2018