My Top 3 Favourite Blogs On Character

My Top 3 Favourite Blogs On Character

Writers Write creates writing resources. In this post, our author shares his top 3 favourite blogs on character to help you write your book.

We can sometimes over-complicate or even over populate the cast of characters in our story.

Which is why I’ve always tried to give other writers some tricks and techniques to help create characters that live and breathe on the page.

1.  Create Dynamics: Who Are The 3 Characters Driving Your Plot?

Characters don’t exist in isolation. One character is always exerting a force, good or bad, on another character. You need different types of characters to change the ‘volume’ of the story rather than set archetypes.

In this post, I urge writers to focus on just three characters to drive your plot. It cuts through labels and lets you identify only the most critical characters – you can use this in revision or if you’re just starting out.

2.  What Motivates Them? Wants, Needs, Fears – The Compelling Triangle Of Motivation

We all have wants, needs, and fears as people. So do our characters. When we understand this compelling triangle of motivation, you will create the right characters to drive your plot.

3.  Give The Bad Guy More Airtime: 4 Ways To Get Your Reader To Identify With An Unsympathetic Character

A hero is easy to write. The antagonist is always a bit trickier. To avoid writing a stereotype, I put together a post on getting a reader to identify with an unsympathetic character – hopefully it will help you create a well-rounded villain.

Why these are my personal favourites…

For me, these three blogs help develop characters that fit in with plotting quite fluidly – in a way that is natural and realistic to our instincts for storytelling.

[TOP TIP: Use our Character Creation Kit to help you create great characters for your stories.]

 by Anthony Ehlers

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