Greg Bear

Literary Birthday – 20 August – Greg Bear

Happy Birthday, Greg Bear, born 20 August 1951.

Seven Quotes

  1. I write every weekday and feel down if I don’t get at least five pages done!
  2. It’s kind of a misnomer about science fiction that science fiction is about anything other than people. It’s about people doing stuff, sometimes doing extraordinary stuff.
  3. There is nothing finer in the world than the telling of tales. Split atoms if you wish, but splitting an infinitive—and getting away with it—is far nobler. Lance boils if you wish, but pricking pretensions is often cleaner and always more fun.
  4. The hardest theme in science fiction is that of the alien. The simplest solution of all is in fact quite profound—that the real difficulty lies not in understanding what is alien, but in understanding what is self. We are all aliens to each other, all different and divided. We are even aliens to ourselves at different stages of our lives. Do any of us remember precisely what it was like to be a baby?
  5. We are born in ignorance, we die in ignorance, but maybe sometimes we learn something important and pass it along to others before we die. Or we write it down in a little book.
  6. Science fiction works best when it stimulates debate.
  7. Ray Bradbury is, for many reasons, the most influential writer in my life. Throughout our long friendship, Ray supplied not only his terrific stories but a grand model of what a writer could be, should be, and yet rarely is: brilliant and charming and accessible, willing to tolerate and to teach, happy to inspire but also to be inspired.

Greg Bear is an American science fiction author. His work includes the Forge of God books, The Way series, Blood Music, Darwin’s Children, and the Forerunner Trilogy. Greg Bear has written 44 books in total. Follow him on Twitter: @RealGregBear

Image source: Kyle Cassidy, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 20th August 2013