Patrick Ness

Literary Birthday – 17 October – Patrick Ness

Happy Birthday, Patrick Ness, born 17 October 1971.


  1. The books I like to read the most feel like they’ve been written by somebody who had to write them or go crazy. They had to get them out of their heads. I like that kind of urgency.
  2. No one wants to read an apologetic book.
  3. How you leave the reader is so important – not the climax; I call it the ‘exit feeling’.
  4. In some ways. I always feel between worlds, between cultures, and I think that’s not necessarily a bad place for a writer to be. Writers are kind of on the fringe anyway, observing, writing things down. I’m still mostly American, but it’s a nice tension.
  5. For me, when I start a novel, I only have a general sense of what I am going to do – usually three or four big scenes or something to which I can really respond emotionally.
  6. If you set out to write an adjective novel, you’re setting out to write a mediocre novel; your allegiance is to the adjective, not to the story, and then that just sucks all the joy right out of it.

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Patrick Ness is an American-born British author. He has written for England’s Radio 4 and Sunday Telegraph and is a literary critic for The Guardian. Ness won the annual Carnegie Medal from the British librarians both in 2011 and in 2012, for Monsters of Men and A Monster Calls.

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Posted on: 17th October 2013