Learn How To Write A Romance Novel

Learn How To Write A Romance Novel

If you want to learn how to write a romance novel, our new course, This Kiss Online is perfect for you. Mia Botha, the Winner of the Mills and Boon Voice of Africa Competition, is the co-author of the course.

She writes:

I’ve been creating our new course, This Kiss Online. This made me think about how writers tend to write what they read, and I’ve read a lot of Romance.

For The Love Of A Love Story 

My great-grandmother was a tiny woman. A small grey-haired lady who spent her last days under a crocheted knee blanket reading Mills & Boon romances. The sweet part was that she didn’t remember much and that she read the same four Mills & Boons over and over again. And when we called her to lunch or dinner she typically replied with a grin, “Just finishing the page. It’s about to get interesting.”

That’s my first memory of Mills & Boon and it seems that it is an inherited trait – the love of Mills & Boon, not the memory bit – at least not yet.

So, to say that I love a love story is an understatement and, if you are reading this, I guess you do too. Romance readers read a lot and if you are, or think you may be, a romance writer you’ll have a similar story about discovering the romance genre.

Write What You Love To Read

Writers tend to write what they read. I love reading historical fiction in particular, which is probably why so many of my stories are set in the past.

I love heroines who speak their mind and don’t wait on the sidelines. I love reading about heroes who will do whatever it takes to get what they want, once they finally figure out what that is of course and realise they were chasing the wrong thing all along.

These are the little clues that help me figure out where I want to go with my stories and how I want to change them and reinvent them. How do you use the books that you have read to tell your stories?

This Kiss Online

If you want to learn how to write a romance, sign up for our online course, This Kiss.

This Kiss Online is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow romance writing course that you do at your own pace. There are many exercises that you can use to add to your novel and improve your writing.

You can choose to add on coaching sessions with me.

The co-author and co-ordinator of the course is Mia Botha, the Winner of the Mills and Boon Voice of Africa Competition.

 by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 10th May 2019