Writing Sex Scenes - If You're Brave Enough To Try

Writing Sex Scenes – If You’re Brave Enough To Try

Writers Write creates resources for writers and in this post, we talk about writing sex scenes – if you’re brave enough to try.

A few years ago, I wrote a series on writing sex scenes. I started off explaining why in the first post:

‘As writers, we should know more about our characters than we know about ourselves. We should know instinctively how they will react and what they will do.

We also need to know how they act and react on a sexual level. Sometimes, we are too embarrassed to write a sex scene.

Writing a sex scene is like jumping into a freezing pool. You stand on the edge for a moment, thinking about the wisdom of this decision before you jump. Once you hit the water your heart feels like it is going to seize and then it takes a moment for your brain to register that you are not going to die. Your limbs start moving and you realise this isn’t all bad.’

Writing Sex Scenes

So, if you’re brave enough to try, read my series on Writing Sex Scenes:

  1. Writing Sex Scenes – Part One – Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby
  2. Writing Sex Scenes – Part Two – 6 Male Archetypes
  3. Writing Sex Scenes – Part Three – 6 Female Archetypes

Good luck and happy writing!

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Mia Botha by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 22nd December 2017