A Creative Life Online: Creativity And Money

A Creative Life Online: Creativity And Money

Welcome to the fourth post in ‘A Creative Life Online‘. This post is about creativity and money.

Please read the introductory post about the deliberate, curated, careful consumption of media and how to use the internet as a beneficial tool to nurture your creative life.

Creativity And Money

Ugh! Why is money a challenge for creatives? We get ridiculed for wanting to make a living through our art. We get asked to work for free all the time. We get offered exposure instead of money and often we’re not very good at admin. Here are a few tips to get your money sorted as a creative.

Creativity And Money

Tip: often we get paid in lump sums. This makes cashflow annoying. I’ve started putting my lump sums in a notice account. FNB, for example, has a 32 day notice account. I pay myself a salary each month by giving appropriate notice for the money to be released. It helps to manage my cashflow.

Creatives seem to have a weird relationship with money. This has everything to with fear, imposter syndrome and the false notions of selling-out.

Creativity And Money

There are people I follow who work with money, but also with online businesses. This is how I use the internet to learn about money and online business.

Many of these deal with investing and how to budget, but we need to make the money before we can invest and budget.


Ramit Sethi’s site is I will teach you to be rich. I love his mindset. He isn’t about frugality and cutting coupons he’s about making more money. Increasing your income, finding good business ideas and side hustles. I haven’t done his courses, but he has lots of advice and ebooks that you can read.

I have been following Regina Anaejionu for years. Her sites and offerings have changed over the years, but her ideas are solid. I’ve done some of her courses and implemented her strategies for online businesses and courses.


Creativity And Money
I love Clever Girl Finance. Bola Sokunbi shares tips and advice and awesome reminders to take care of my money.

Creativity And Money
Finance Bar offers weekly tips and suggestions to manage your money throughout the year.

Movies and series:

Marie TV by Marie Forleo is awesome. She’s all about ‘creating a business and life you love’. She is bouncy and enthusiastic and so inspirational.

Watch the video about money beliefs here.



This is one area I haven’t read a lot of books in. I mostly read about finance online. The last one I read was Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki. You can laugh, I know it is old, but it still works. Here though, is an updated list of 2020 personal finance books.


There’s an app for your budget. Yes, an app that tracks your spending. You link it to your accounts and it allocates it to categories. It’s so good to see where your money goes. Slice | 22Seven


A few pictures live in the front cover of my notebook. I thrive on visual stimulation. It’s not really a vision board, that’s a big word that makes me think of huge images against the wall. It’s simply a piece of paper with a few pictures that remind me why I am doing this. It’s private. It’s mine. It reminds me why money is important and what I want my money to do. Find a few pics and keep them close to you while you work.

Last Word

I hope this helps you manage your money and I hope these help you make heaps of money

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A Creative Life Online: How To Use The Internet As A Creative Tool by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 18th March 2020