7 Quite Interesting Facts About Jane Austen

7 Quite Interesting Facts About Jane Austen

Writers Write shares writing tips and writing resources. In this post, we share 7 quite interesting facts about Jane Austen.

Today is the anniversary of Jane Austen’s birthday. She was born 16 December 1775 and died 18 July 1817

Jane Austen is recognised as one of the most important English-language literary voices. She came of age in England’s Georgian era, a time of immense social and artistic change. Here are seven interesting facts, from CBC Books, that you may not know about Austen’s life.

7 Quite Interesting Facts About Jane Austen

Source: CBC Books

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by Amanda Patterson

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  1. Marianna Velma

    Thanks, Amanda. Excellent infographic about one of the most inspiring English novelist. I was suprised by some of the facts, actually.

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