3 Reasons To Invest Precious Time In A Good Book

In this post, we look at three reasons to invest precious time in a good book.


Why do we bother reading books? In a world where technology just doesn’t stop advancing, a lot of us have stopped reading paper books. We’re so busy with other activities that we forget how soothing reading can be. How many of us have time to read? How many are willing to make the time to cuddle up with a good book on a rainy day? Truth be told – very few!

1. Wonderful things happen inside our brain when we read

Experts at Washington University performed a study on the effect reading has on the brain. They used brain scans to monitor brain activity to see exactly what happens in our heads when we’re reading a good book. Psychologists found that when we read, our brains takes the scenarios envisioned and tie them to situations and experiences that have actually happened to us in real life. A fresh mental synthesis is created, proving that reading books creates new neural pathways. Reading may have a transformative effect on our perception of the world.

2. Deep reading has a positive effect on our personality

Studies have proven that deep reading can foster our sense of empathy. The books we read could increase our level of compassion thus making us more alert to the personal lives of other people. Recent research has found a decrease in empathy levels among teens from advanced western cultures. Experts hypothesise that the internet and virtual reality technology can do more harm to the brain than good if used inappropriately. Our brains may develop a fear for human interaction.

Rationally, we understand that reading books is crucial to our education, but few understand their emotional role. Books can open up historical landscapes, create surreal plots with fabulous twists, as well as stir our imagination.

3. Books reinforce our sense of self

There are so many books out there that can restore our confidence. Self-help books, in particular, may change our lives. All we have to do is let them exceed our expectations. If reading declines, the nature of our species would change forever. We would become less creative, less imaginative, less empathic, and less interesting. We shouldn’t let that happen because we need to use our brains to develop greatness. And books can help us achieve that goal.

Technology offers alternatives, and while it does feature drawbacks, it also comes with up with solutions. Tablets, e-readers, Kindles and Smartphone are common devices that we use to read. An Apple store is more crowded than a bookstore nowadays, and it is understandable why. However, nothing compares with feeling a paper book in your hands and turning the pages ones by one.

Reading books can be fun, educational, and interactive. The activity should be supported by as many people as possible. Parents should instil a passion for reading from an early age. Set an example, be a role model, and the new generation will appreciate books once again.

by Christopher Austin and LoveReading.co.uk!

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