10 Content Writing Tips To Kick-Start Your Blog

10 Content Writing Tips To Kick-Start Your Blog

We create blogging resources and share blog writing tips. In this post, our guest blogger gives you 10 content writing tips to kick-start your blog.

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Blogging is one of the best ways of growing business, second only to social media regarding efficiency. Blogging answers the questions your readers never knew they had.

With the mushrooming of blogs on many topics, it seems overwhelming to choose a niche and start a blog that succeeds to attract views. A clever tip is to put your heart and soul in content. Content drives views as nothing else does. That’s why it is the king of the World Wide Web.

10 Content Writing Tips To Kick-Start Your Blog

We have listed some tips to strengthen your content writing for your blog:

1.  Know your audience:

Before you start a blog, pay close attention to your target audience. Who are they? Where do they live? Why do they want to read a blog such as yours? List down answers to their questions. Create a buyer persona or multiple personas that can guide your content writing strategy.

It can be B2B leaders, it can be millennials, or it can be working mothers. You will gain an edge over other competitors and will start with a headstart.

2.  Brainstorming:

Once you have picked a niche for your blog, brainstorm around it to generate new post ideas. As you sit down with your friends and your family and discuss, unique ideas will emerge on the board. Brainstorming gives you a wider insight into people’s likes and dislikes. You learn about habits and needs of others and their friends and family. Take this as a brilliant possibility to start a blog that answers user queries before asking.

3.  Follow a schedule:

It is easy to divide your sense of writing into what is necessary and just type on, but your content strategy needs long-term planning. A content calendar is your best resource to stay aligned with daily content needs. If you follow a schedule, you will have content for good and bad days. Writing a blog is not something you do habitually or whenever you feel like. With blog content, things need to be prepared in advance, so you have backup ready at all times.

You can build a blog with writing and sustain it with long-term content schedule planning. Recognise the fact that your content writing will generate leads in the months to come and those leads will need solid content to come back to.

10 Content Writing Tips To Kick-Start Your Blog

4.  SEO-based writing:

What is the point of writing a blog post if others cannot find it and read it? SEO based writing makes sure that your work is displayed to relevant readers across the web. When writing blog posts, keep SEO and keywords in mind or consult with an SEO agency to guide your process. It involves keyword research and its implementation on each page.

Build an article loaded with SEO goodness to build a strong impression within your niche. When you optimize for SEO, your content is not shown to everyone; it is shown to the right readers. Then comes the SEO audit. An SEO audit helps you figure out what you are doing wrong and how you can change your SEO strategy.

5.  Use the right tools:

The market is full of content creation tools which offer writing help in every way possible. Use these tools to take your content marketing game to another level. The first tool you must get is Google Analytics. Install the plugin to your website and get detailed traffic and demographic information breakdown based on day, hour and week. Keep drafts ready in Evernote and edit visual content on Canva.

6.  Write for the web:

Blogs are different than a magazine article. If you have written dozens of magazine articles and starting a blog, you will have to start anew. Web writing is different than textbook styles. Everything needs to be chopped off and toned down. Firstly, a blog reader’s attention span is not as long as of a book reader. Chop paragraphs into friendly sub-headings and keep it concise.

A paragraph with five lines is short, but it would be great if you can turn it into three lines. That’s how web writing works.

7.  Use simple language:

Remember that you are starting to write a blog post, not an academic journal. Your reader is just another person on the web. Use simple language and easy words. We feel at home with simple words, and a simply-written article is like coming home to a dear friend. Talk to your readers like you understand their problems and you are here to help them out. If you confuse them with complex synonyms of easy words, you will lose your opportunity to impress.

If you are flying to Thailand for a holiday, will you search for economic flights to Thailand as a keyword? No, you will write ‘cheap flights to Thailand’ because it is easy and simple. Target your readers and speak their language. However, if you are starting a blog on Astronomy or Taxology, you are welcome to use the language of your general reader or Academia.

8.  Grammar is your best friend:

The foulest thing you can do as a content writer is to miss out on grammar while trying to portray your message. A fallacy of this level is not acceptable when you are running a blog. Let the draft sit for a few hours and then come back to edit. Do not forget proofreading as it is an important part of the writing process. Use a tool like Grammarly or Hemingway App to get the proofreading and editing done in the article.

9.  Make a visual impression:

It is the age of visual content. Our brain is wired in a way that when we hear information, we can remember only 10 percent of that information after three days. If the same information is paired with a visual piece of content like an image or infographics, people retained 65 percent information after three days! It is not a question if you should add visual imagery or not, it is essential for your content marketing success that your pair text with a video or a photo.

Long form content is already boring because readers get tired of looking at paragraphs of black and white. Photos, videos, and infographics bring a fresh change to this mix and entice the reader to keep on reading and exploring.

10.  Make actionable content:

One of the main reasons why you write blog posts is to make people take a certain action on your website. You write to send a message across. However, not many writers know how to create actionable content which urges the reader to a call to action. It is no good if you are explaining what to do, but not how to do it. For example, if the post is about “10 things you must have during travel”, but you are not mentioning those things or the sources where they can be found from, you are not writing actionable content.

Visual content and infographics are good in an actionable post. They explain what words miss out. Keep your post ready with internal links about detailed guides to topics which are relevant and can help the reader out in their query. This encourages interaction, more traffic and builds credibility for your blog.

Last word:

If you have done your research and you know the market, you can easily create write-ups that impress your reader. Don’t forget to ask your readers for feedback and collect that feedback to improve your blog. With the right tools and strategy, your blog can grow more hits in a few months.

Author Bio:

 by Evie Harrison. Evie is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries and experiences, and express herself through her blogs. Find her on Twitter: @iamevieharrison

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