10 Online Tools To Improve Your Business Writing

Not much time is spent focusing on all of the types of writing you may do in the course of your career. Whether it’s penning emails to colleagues, superiors or subordinates, business plans, letters of termination, employee manuals, and so forth, most career professionals are surprised at the amount of writing they do.

Unfortunately, most of us are not wonderfully skilled writers – we may have issues with grammar and punctuation; we may have a language and style of writing that is far too sophisticated or some of our recipients; we may just have trouble organizing thoughts in a logical way.

Years ago, this was a huge issue, but, fortunately, technology has taken care of many of the writing problems you may face. From emails to the generation of business plans, here are 10 tools that can make you writing life far less burdensome.

  1. WHITE SMOKE This versatile little tool works with Outlook, Word, Chrome and Firefox and it will locate your grammar, syntax, and spelling errors. In addition, it has a translator, so that any emails are grammatically correct in any language
  2. GRAMMARLY This is really a simple tool. Once you are registered, you login, cut and paste your document. The programme will check your document for grammar, syntax, passive voice, and spelling. There is also a plagiarism check feature, in case you are concerned that some of your research for a report might not be paraphrased well.
  3. HEMINGWAY Many career professionals have a tendency to compose business writing in a complex manner, with long and complicated sentences in which readers get lost, and vocabulary that is just too sophisticated for our audience, than you need this app. Through colour coding, you are told what is wrong and given suggestions that will simplify your prose.
  4. DOCSTOC If you need any type of writing for which you are unsure of structure, then this is for you. There are templates for email communication, employment termination, job descriptions, and much more.
  5. EMAIL EXCELLENCE You may not know that there are different email formats for different types of email you may need to compose. This app will provide you with an explanation and a template for each type of email. You will never have to question yourself again.
  6. ENLOOP This app is free and amazing if you need to produce a business plan. The template is presented, you are asked to plug in your information, and a perfectly composed business plan is crafted. Using this app will ensure that you will never leave anything out.
  7. COMMUNITY MEDIA WORKSHOP Business professionals rarely know how to create a press release that will actually get picked up – there is a very specific format for these, as well as questions that must be answered. This app walks you through every step of a press release.
  8. DRAGON DICTATION If you know you speak well, but cannot translate that into solid writing, with great sentence structure, punctuation, etc., this app is for you. Dictate your memo or letter, and it will be crafted into a perfectly written piece. Then, copy and paste it wherever it needs to go!
  9. THESAURUS.COM If you have a tendency to use the same words repeatedly, your vocabulary use could use some improvement. Next time you find yourself repeating a word too often, then use this site and get some other options.
  10. READ-ABLE.COM You will often have several different types of audiences in the course of your days and weeks. Some will be colleagues, some superiors, and some subordinates. You will need to adjust your style and vocabulary for these different audiences. This app lets you copy and paste what you have written and will give you the age level of your audience. You can then adjust your writing accordingly.

Business writing does not have to be the gruesome and anxiety-producing experience that you are making it. Use the technology that is available to you!

 by Julie Ellis, Chief Editor at Premier Essay


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