30 Social Media Tools For Writers

30 Ultimately Effective Social Media Tools For Writers

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If you don’t implement proper social media tools in your daily routine, your efforts as a writer may remain unnoticed. Instead of thinking like a writer and waiting for readers to get interested in your work, you should think like a marketer and take action every day.

In order to make your content attractive for a greater audience, you can use influential social media platforms. These 30 tools will help you increase your popularity through a social media campaign.

Tools for More Effective Writing

1.     Bubbl.us is a great brainstorming tool that enables you to create mind maps and share them on social media networks. The feedback you get can help you expand new concepts and boost your productiveness.

2.     XYDO is an innovative social network aimed at prioritisation, social endorsement, and engagement of news. When you integrate the app with Constant Contact and MailChimp, you will get access to trending content relevant to your niche.

3.     NewsCred is an enterprise content development platform that offers millions of articles, videos and images that will help you boost your content strategy. Thanks to NewsCred, the entire marketing process becomes simpler and more efficient.

4.     Lingospot will analyse the activity on your smartphone, tablet and smart TV to provide you with extra content related to your interests. You can use that information to examine the trends in literature and stay aware of your readers’ preferences.

5.     Shareist is a tool for social media content creation. It will help you research, schedule, and create posts for different social media channels, email newsletters, and blogs. 

6.     Hemingway – Hemingway brings clarity to your writing by identifying common mistakes in sentences such as illogical structure, grammatical errors and overuse of adverbs.

7.     Textbroker, an innovative content and article creation service, enables you to get written snippets for websites, press releases, and articles from experienced authors.

8.     Skyword is another content creation service that connects you with 20,000 writers, who can help you attract the attention of your readers through a creative social media campaign.

9.     Contently enables you to collaborate with freelance writers who can help you conduct research and create content that will be relevant for your fans and followers on social media.  

10.   Brafton is a platform that offers search engine optimization, content marketing, content analytics services, and social media marketing. This service allows you to make sure that the content you publish on social media profiles is attractive for the audience you want to reach.

Idea Generating and Content Discovery Tools

11.   Wefollow enables you to find the right people to follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. You can connect with other writers, editors, and readers to make your presence on social media more productive.

12.   Ritetag will help you find trending hashtags relevant to your work. You can see what topics are popular in a specific region or around the world. When you realise what your potential readers are interested in, you will be able to meet their expectations.

13.   Trapit is an effective content discovery app for iPad. According to the feedback you provide, the app will launch a more relevant feed each time you use it. You can easily share the content on social networks with a single click.

14.   LinkedIn Pulse app, available on Google Play and App Store, will personalize your feed with content from trusted sources, including influential LinkedIn users. That will enable you to read information relevant to your interests and topics you elaborate in your work.

15.   Feedly is a decent replacement for Google Reader, which we all miss. You can fill up your feed with posts from your favourite blogs and content from preferred websites. 

16.   Google AdWords Keyword Planner is the right tool to use when you want to attract more readers to your publications. The tool provides you with relevant keywords that are popular among Google users. You can use this data in your headlines and social media posts.

17.   Reddit may be controversial, but it’s a surprisingly effective tool for writers who want to get inspiration from topics that are trending across the web. Observing the Reddit users’ activity can result with great ideas for your next blog post, video, social media post, article, or an entire novel.

Time-Management And Organizing Tools

18.   Oh Don’t Forget is one of the most effective tools you can use to organise the entire social media campaign. You will get reminders via text, so you won’t forget to post an important update at the right time.

19.   MindNode enables you to realise what went wrong with your content strategy. The mind mapping tool enables you to take a central idea and intuitively develop the concept from there.

20.   Harvest is an effective time-tracking tool that will prevent you from wasting a lot of time on your social media campaign. The software will provide you with information about the way you send your time on your smartphone, on the web, or another application.

21.   Remember the Milk is a management app that integrates with Twitter, Gmail, Google Calendar, Evernote, and other apps. You to-do list will be much easier to follow thanks to this concept.

22.   Pocket is an app that allows you to save useful articles, videos, and other resources and access them whenever you have time. When you put information in Pocket, you can access it from your computer, tablet or phone when you’re ready for it.

23.   Pinterest is a necessary addition to a writer’s social media campaign. You can use it to gather inspirational images, quotes and articles, as well as to promote your own content to an audience interested in your type of work.                    

24.   Wunderlist enables you to create appealing lists that will outline your writing strategy. You can use it to organise your daily activities, or map out the plot for your next great publication.

25.   IFTTT enables you to create simple connections (recipes) between apps and products, and increase your productivity by making them work simultaneously.

26.   Evernote, the favourite organizational platform of a great number of writers, is a multi-purpose tool that helps you memorise ideas and keep track on your goals. You can use Evernote to memorize everything from writing motivation to personal or business goals.

Tools that Help You Connect with Your Audience

27.   Bundlr is not a tool that every writer and blogger knows about, but it’s definitely one that deserves your attention. The app enables you to create bundles with documents, videos, photos, and tweets that you can share with everyone.

28.   Totally Tweetable will expose your tweets to a larger audience. This fusion of social advertising and targeting system will result with greater popularity of your work.

29.   PRWeb is a syndication platform that you can use to send press releases about your content to a large base of opt-in subscribers and journalists. The visitors at the website will also get access to that content.

30.   InboundWriter is a content optimisation app that enables you to monitor chosen topics, understand your target audience and reach more readers. First, you need to define what you want to write about, and the service will suggest related topics that have the highest potential for success.

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by Kelly Marone. Kelly is an aspiring freelance writer with five years of writing experience.

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Posted on: 4th May 2015

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