tips for travel writers

3 Tips For Travel Writers

In this post, we look at three tips for travel writers – especially if you’re struggling to write.

Where do travels writers start?

I have a friend who decided to rent out her house, pack a suitcase and take off for the Far East to teach English. She is a great writer too, and she wants to write about her travels. ‘I can’t find my writing voice for this,’ she wrote to me. ‘I have all this material and lots of anecdotes, but where do I start?’ Her fear was that she would produce a boring, egotistical travelogue. She wanted a structure that would support her story.

3 Tips For Travel Writers

1. Back in time

As a travel writer, I think it would great if you approached it in terms of the romantic past. When you travelled, you would send a short, or long, letter to loved ones at home, or pop a postcard when you found a letter box. Today you could write a short blog or Facebook post, with a picture or two, recounting your adventures and anecdotes.

2. Time to reflect

When we are away from home, we carry ourselves with us even more closely. We have time to think of the past, of our dreams, our relationships. We become introspective as we stare out of train and plane and hotel windows. What a perfect time to keep a journal, to write a diary. When we write the stories of our lives, we find what it is that makes us unique and what makes the world extraordinary. We discover how to live in the present and anticipate the next big adventure. When we’re brave enough to share it with the world, we call it a memoir. You could blog or simply start keeping a diary.

3. Who tells the story?

As to the concern about viewpoint, as to whether you should use third or first person, it doesn’t really matter. The voice is yours. You’re narrating your own life. You could be keeping a captain’s log book, sending yourself postcards or even creating an alter ego. Stick to the traditional methods or have fun and play with time and narrative. It doesn’t matter – the voice is yours.

Posted on: 28th November 2013