The Anatomy Of A Great Web Writer

Whether you are planning to write online yourself or to hire a writer, you need to know which qualities the ideal candidate should possess.

Writing Skills

The ideal online writer needs excellent storytelling abilities, copywriting techniques, writing skills, and web writing skills – and no, they are not the same thing.
  1. Storytelling is a creative process, but the rules and techniques have to be learned, applied, and practised over many years. Sometimes a creative writing course helps with this.
  2. Copywriting is all about persuading people to do something. A good copywriter weaves words to sell ideas. An understanding of persuasive writing is important. Use this Brainstormer Persuasive Writing Template if you need help.
  3. Writing skills, including good grammar, punctuation, and spelling, show customers that you are professional. No matter what people say, first impressions count.
  4. Web writing skills include understanding how to write for web readers, which means paying attention to things like white space,
    formatting, and readability statistics.

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Social Media Skills

  1. This candidate needs to be social media savvy. Social media is the gateway to your blog or website. Social media users recently increased from 2 billion to 3 billion users. It is mind-boggling, and it cannot be ignored.
  2. Recent research shows that we find most of the content we click on from shares on our social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  LinkedIn,  Instagram,  Google+,  and YouTube.
  3. A basic understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is helpful – although a good content writer naturally produces keyword-dense copy.

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The Extra Mile

The good news is that a writer can learn most of these skills. It is more difficult to find a writer who has the discipline, stamina, and vision to do the job. The ideal candidate will have an unshakeable work ethic and an ability to do research and constantly learn, because the online world changes all the time.

This Infographic summarises it perfectly:

Source: Copyblogger

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 28th March 2016