The 13 Secrets To Great Characters

The 13 Secrets To Great Characters

How many secrets does it take to create a great character? In this post, we look at secrets and why they make for good characters.

In a recent article, psychologists claim that the average person has 13 secrets at any given time – five of which they’ve never shared with anyone.

It’s an intriguing premise – and it got me thinking. What are the secrets I’ve never shared? Well, I don’t think I’ll share them here.

But, as a writer, it’s exciting to give a character secrets. It’s a challenge. I think it’s a great exercise to apply to a new or existing character.

  1. What are the 13 secrets your character harbours?
  2. What are the handful they’d never share with anyone?

Take a page and jot down the numbers 1-13 along the side. Lists the secrets you think your character may be keeping from others.

And, after you’ve grabbed a coffee, tea or glass of wine, look for the five top secrets – the juiciest, the most telling, the ones that would shock the reader and the other characters in the story.

Can you use those to start building a fascinating character?

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by Anthony Ehlers

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Posted on: 6th July 2017