Everyday Persuasive Writing In Business

Everyday Persuasive Writing In Business

Writers Write creates resources for business writers. In this post, we talk about everyday persuasive writing in business.

Everyday Persuasive Writing In Business

Persuasive writing uses words to convince people to listen or to act. We all need to use it in our everyday business writing.

Great business writers use persuasive writing in social media marketing, proposals, articles, newsletters, blog posts, memos, emails, requests for meetings, speeches, and reports.

The main reasons we use persuasive writing are:

  1. To boost morale.
  2. To show commitment to customers.
  3. To show commitment to investors.
  4. To show commitment to partners.
  5. To show commitment to staff members.
  6. To encourage repeat business.
  7. To increase brand awareness.
  8. To increase sales.
  9. To win back lost business.

‘It’s all about you’ is the most important technique we use in persuasive writing. This technique, which produces goodwill and favourably influences people, is crucial in business writing.

You must emphasise the reader’s importance. What is his interest in your subject? Develop your argument from your reader’s point of view instead of your own.

You should:

  1. Focus on what you want the reader to perceive.
  2. Minimise your feelings.
  3. Remember the reader’s concerns.
  4. Use the active voice.
  5. Choose persuasive words.

Remember the reader:

  1. Understand the results you want to achieve.
  2. Consider the possible responses you will get.
  3. Always offer a reward.

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