Birthday – 7 July – V. E. Schwab

Literary Birthday – 7 July – V. E. Schwab

Happy Birthday, V. E. Schwab, born 7 July 1987.


  1. Be brave. Putting yourself and your work out there to be judged is a terrifying thing, to be sure. But this is a very hard industry, one built on critique and rejection, and in order to get through, you have to be brave. Your want of publication has to be greater than your fear of rejection. If you find yourself paralysed by the mere notion of critique, then you do not want it badly enough. YET. You are not ready. YET. And that’s okay.
  2. I’m a connect-the-dots-er. I need to know the 5-10 key plot points that make my story, well, MY STORY, and then I set out. It’s an adventure.
  3. I don’t actually listen to music WHILE writing, but I’m almost always listening to it when I’m not. I often say that I think writers learn craft from reading, but find inspiration from other mediums—movies, TV, songs, art—and I find music to be so moving in a visceral way. For me, nothing evokes a feeling faster or more consistently than the right song.
  4. I tend to lean toward female leads who have their guard up, their spikes out.
  5. I tend to have a long con when it comes to romance, in part because I like the build-up as much as the payoff, and in part because I think there are a wealth of relationships out there (friend, sibling, rival, etc.), and straight-up romance interests me less than tension.
  6. I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still.

Victoria (V. E.) Schwab is an American fantasy author best known for her 2013 novel Vicious, the Shades of Magic series, and for her children’s and young adult fiction published under the name Victoria Schwab.

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 7th July 2018