G. Willow Wilson

Literary Birthday – 31 August – G. Willow Wilson

Happy Birthday, G. Willow Wilson, born 31 August 1982.

Seven Quotes

  1. If man’s capacity for the fantastic took up as much of his imagination as his capacity for cruelty, the worlds, seen and unseen, might be very different.
  2. Some stories have no morals. Sometimes darkness and madness are simply that.
  3. When we read fiction, we want to get outside of ourselves and are able to see from a perspective we haven’t seen through before. That can be very powerful.
  4. Controversy is what mediocre people start because they can’t communicate anything meaningful.
  5. Sometimes, by using the most over-the-top, ridiculous plot device you can imagine, you get some interesting little conflicts and cool things that you might not otherwise have a chance to explore.
  6. Some languages expand not only your ability to speak to different people but what you’re able to think.
  7. In prose, you have a lot more room for digression, for very meaty kinds of dialogues. In graphic novels, you’re writing haiku-length dialogue. Your job is to be efficient, to get out of the way of the art.

Gwendolyn Willow Wilson, known professionally as G. Willow Wilson, is an American comics writer, prose author, essayist, and journalist. Her first novel, Alif the Unseen, won the 2013 World Fantasy Award.

Source for image: GeeWillow1, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons


by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 30th August 2017