Literary Birthday – 3 February – Victor LaValle

Happy Birthday, Victor LaValle, born 3 February 1972.


  1. I’m always looking for the monster. Not even just in horror. I want them in everything. Just give me the monsters. Logical conclusions don’t satisfy. Monsters satisfy, absolutely.
  2. Empathy is what separates human beings from teenage boys.
  3. The person you are (in total, at that moment in time) is what creates the story you’re writing. It’s infused in every piece of punctuation, in the plot, in the most minor character who crosses the page. It’s all your voice.
  4. The best writing deadlines are poverty and death.
  5. There are really only two ways to react to the extraordinary. The first is to ponder the grand purpose until all the fun is sucked away, the second is to enjoy it.

Victor LaValle is an American author. He wrote the short story collection Slapboxing with Jesus, four novels, and two novellas. He is also the creator and writer of two comic books Victor LaValle’s DESTROYER and EVE. He has received many awards including the World Fantasy Award, British Fantasy Award, Bram Stoker Award, Whiting Writers’ Award, and a Guggenheim Fellowship. Follow him on Twitter: @victorlavalle

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 3rd January 2022