Malcolm Lowry

Literary Birthday – 28 July – Malcolm Lowry

Malcolm Lowry was born 28 July 1909 and died 26 June 1957.


  1. Lowry said of the writing process: ‘After a while it began to make a noise like music, when it made the wrong noise I altered it – when it seemed to make the right one, finally, I kept it.’ (via)
  2. Good God, if our civilisation were to sober up for a couple of days it’d die of remorse on the third.
  3. What I have absolutely no sympathy with is the legislator, the man who seeks, for his own profit, to exploit the weaknesses of those who are unable to help themselves and then to fasten some moral superscription upon it. This I loathe so much that I cannot conceivably explain how much it is.
  4. In the war to come correspondents would assume unheard of importance, plunging through flame to feed the public its little gobbets of dehydrated excrement.
  5. What is man but a little soul holding up a corpse?

Malcolm Lowry was an English novelist, short-story writer, and poet. He is best known for his 1947 novel Under the Volcano, which was voted No. 11 in the Modern Library 100 Best Novels list.

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