Jessica Sorensen

Literary Birthday – 25 June – Jessica Sorensen

Happy Birthday, Jessica Sorensen, born 25 June 1983.


  1. When I experience writer’s block, I try to take a break and do something else, like clean my desk or something. That little break usually gets my ideas flowing again. (via)
  2. I started writing when I was old enough to write because I loved to create stories. (via)
  3. I wake up, get coffee in my system, answer emails and anything else that needs to be done, then I write usually for about eight hours, or until dinnertime, my music blasting the entire time. (via)
  4. Almost every book I’ve read has in some way or another influenced me to be a writer. And reading other books helps my writing skills grow. (via)
  5. My biggest advice would be to never give up, no matter how hard or discouraging it may get. (via)

Jessica Sorensen is a bestselling American novelist. She is the author of these fantasy series: The Fallen Star and Darkness Falls.

 by Amanda Patterson

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