William Gibson

Literary Birthday – 17 March – William Gibson

Happy Birthday, William Gibson, born 17 March 1948.


  1. Dreaming in public is an important part of our job description, as science writers, but there are bad dreams as well as good dreams. We’re dreamers, you see, but we’re also realists, of a sort.
  2. I don’t have to write about the future. For most people, the present is enough like the future to be pretty scary.
  3. I don’t begin a novel with a shopping list – the novel becomes my shopping list as I write it.
  4. I don’t generate a storyline and then fill it out in the course of writing. The story actually generates in the course of the writing. It’s one of the reasons I’ve never been comfortable doing screenplays, because in order to get the contract for the screenplay, you have to sit down and tell them what’s going to happen.
  5. If I write something set 60 years in the future, I am going to have to explain how humanity got there, and that’s becoming quite a big job.

William Gibson is an American-Canadian speculative fiction writer and essayist. He is widely credited with pioneering the science fiction sub-genre known as cyberpunk. He is is credited with having coined the term “cyberspace” and having envisioned both the Internet and virtual reality before either existed. He is the author of Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive, and many more.

Quotes / Photograph By Frederic Poirot

 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 16th March 2020