Lesson Zero | Objectives

How To Show And Not Tell In Short Stories 

By Mia Botha

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The Objective Of This Course


1. To explain the difference between showing and telling in short stories.

2. To show you how to show in short stories.

3. To tell you when to tell in short stories.

What Are Your Objectives?


1. __________________________________________


2. __________________________________________


3. __________________________________________


How To Complete This Course

  1. Set aside a time to learn and write every day. We suggest 30 minutes. (Or you can complete it in one sitting!)
  2. Access it wherever you go. You may find you have spare time at odd moments.
  3. Complete the exercises at your own pace. Remember that you have permission to write badly!

The Purpose Of This Course


If you want to have fun with showing and not telling in short stories, take this course.

If you want to learn how to write a complete short story, please sign up for Short Cuts.

Have fun and happy short story writing!



Here’s what we’re going to cover during the ‘How to Show and Not Tell in Short Stories’ course.

  1. The difference between ‘showing’ and ‘telling’. Lesson 1.
  2. How to ‘show’. Lessons 2-8.
  3. When to ‘tell’.  Lesson 9.

The course was developed by Mia Botha.

Mia is a writer who wanted to figure out the novel-writing process for herself and along the way she turned into a writing teacher. She’s been teaching, guiding and sharing her knowledge for almost ten years. She founded the 12 Short Stories in 12 Months and the 12 Poems in 12 Months challenges. She is also the author of Write The Crap Out Of It And Other Short Story Writing Advice.

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Posted on: 8th April 2020