7 Reasons Why Living With A Writer May Be Challenging

7 Reasons Why Living With A Writer May Be Challenging

Writers Write is a writing resource. In this post, we discuss seven reasons why living with a writer may be challenging.

My husband types loudly. He attacks the keyboard. The clacking keys bounce as he punches them down and then thwack – he hits the space bar.  We are sharing an office for the first time and this small irritation got me thinking about what I do that irritates him. I know, right? Me? Irritating? Never.

You see, my husband never intended to marry a writer. He married a sane woman, with a stable monthly income, who liked to read and write a bit now and then. Surprise.

7 Reasons Why Living With A Writer May Be Challenging

But life with a writer is not without its challenges and, after hours of wracking my brain, these are points of possible irritation I came up with.

7 Reasons Why Living With A Writer May Be Challenging

  1. Books. Everywhere. No, I do not think we are not running out of space.
  2. Literary names. Children and/or pets that are named after literary characters. Hey, I liked the name anyway.
  3. The bedside light. No, I will not use a headlight. Yes, I can use my kindle, but if the book is a hard copy the light is on. Just go to sleep already.
  4. Fictional trauma. You thought PMS was the only thing you had to worry about. Try emotional stability based on the emotional trauma of a fictional character. They are real people – to me.
  5. The spy who loves you. Any action or part of your life can be used as a blog post or inspiration for a novel. It’s kind of like Big
    Brother, but you don’t know when the camera is on.
  6. Stuff I do. The term research covers pretty much everything I do in a day.
  7. Literary-themed accounts. A credit card statement that only lists bookstores.

Okay, so he types loudly. My list is longer, but life with a writer is so much more fun. What do other writers do to irritate their partners?

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Posted on: 26th November 2014