Book Review – Haunted

Haunted by James Patterson (Century) ISBN: 9781780895260

Every time I read a James Patterson novel, I get goose bumps. Reading Haunted was no exception. The Bennetts have become family to me and their everyday drama never gets old. In Haunted, Michael Bennett takes the entire family on a vacation. They rent out a house in a small town in Maine.

Bennett finds himself right in the middle of drama as he moves from one case to another, showing off his exceptional detective skills. His previous partner, Sandy Cole draws him into a drug related case and he can’t say no. Setting his family problems aside, Michael throws himself into the case and vows to bring the perpetrators to justice. The small town becomes a battleground as Michael and Sandy take on the criminals.

James Patterson uses this novel as a medium to relay a strong message about drugs and how they ruin people’s lives. I really enjoyed Haunted more as a standalone novel. Not much happened to add to the series. I was hoping his relationship status would finally change, but nothing yet.

The pages truly did turn themselves!

Alicia Sibanda

Posted on: 26th November 2017