A Writing Secret Everyone Forgets

A Writing Secret Everyone Forgets

Writers Write creates and shares writing resources. In this post, we discuss a writing secret everyone forgets

Write To Your Strengths

It’s important to find out what you’re good at when you write. Your style generally informs this.

Here are some examples:

  1. If you have an irreverent, informal style, you will be good at writing comedy.
  2. If you have a crisp, no-nonsense style, you may be good at writing crime.
  3. If you have a warm, conversational style, you will be good at writing self-help.

What Is Your Literary Style?

Style is the way you use words to tell a story. It is your unique way of showing your personality in black and white.

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Nobody can force a writing style and the only way to find out what yours is, is by writing. You should write thousands of words, perhaps with the help of a daily writing prompt. You can also take a good writing course.

You may also find that you’re good at writing what you like to read. Make a list of the books you’ve loved to read in the past three years to find out what your moderns favourites are.

A Writing Secret Everyone Forgets

We all know how awful it is when somebody who isn’t funny tries to be funny. Or when a serious person struggles to be light-hearted.

So, always write to your strengths.

It’s a good idea, especially if you’re a beginner writer, to stick to what you’re good at. When you’ve written a few novels, you may want to try another style.

The more you write, the better you will be in any tone in any genre.

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 10th October 2018