A Setting Checklist For Food & Travel Bloggers

Writers Write is a comprehensive blogging resource. In this post, we suggest a setting checklist for food and travel bloggers.

When you blog about food and places, the setting is critical to the success of your blog. Your photographs will tell a story, but your words are also important.

Setting is the physical location and time of your blog post. It acts as a food or travel blog’s backbone. It includes the surroundings, the era or the moment you want to capture, and it can even have its own personality.

Setting also needs to be fleshed out with sensory detail, because senses bring our writing to life.

A Setting Checklist For Food & Travel Bloggers

Use this checklist to make sure you’ve included the most important setting details in your blog post.

7 Setting Details To Include In Blog Posts

1.  Place. Where does your story take place? This could be a country, a city, a building, a forest, a ship, an island, or one room in a house. Include it to orientate your followers.

2.  Culture. This depends on where you are and you can decide how much should be included in your post. Look at the effect these have on your location: laws, taboos, social mores, politics, sport, religious practices, education, wars, and technology.

3.  Era. When is your blog post set? Is it modern? A period piece? Think about the mood and tone of the era.

4.  Geography. When you describe the surroundings, look at the following: landscape (mountains, desserts, volcanoes, farmland), fauna, flora, and bodies of water (oceans, lakes, seas).

5.  Things. This is probably the most important part of your blog if you’re writing about food or a specific setting. Include details that first catch your eye, the first things you smell, the most important things you hear. Describe the items in three dimensions – give them texture. Remember the senses are: touch, see, hear, smell, taste.

6.  Time. Make your readers feel grounded with a sense of time. How long is the period of time? You could be writing about something that happens in an hour, a day, a season, a year, or a lifetime.

7.  Weather. This is great for creating a mood for your blog post. Include details about rain, drought, fog, snow, sunshine, high or low temperatures, storms – all of these affect your post.

Top Tip: Remember that the best way to write about setting details in a blog post is by using a mixture of showing and telling.

(P.S. The idea for this blogging post came from my post on setting in fiction writing.)

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 by Amanda Patterson

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